This Predator Wand for the R-1 Base Unit sex toy controller is a powerful friend for both men and women. The "wand" might not be magical but it is very flexible (and fixable), perfect for achieving all sorts of new angles. It plugs in easily to the R-1 to create very new, very special kinds of stimulation.

What's all the fuss about? Well, the Predator Wand has SEVEN different patterns of vibration, using an internal PWM (pulse width modulation) motor. So whether you're going for G-Spot or protate pleasure, or simply tickling the body and nipples, you will feel the high-quality vibrations all over!

The Predator Wand also has a comfortable grip and coating that is soft for penetrations and safe for cleaning. Just plug it into the R-1, and play! It's made in JAPAN, so you know the quality will be unparalleled.